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Our efforts to change the outlook of Alexandra residents and influence the community to take up a healthy lifestyle will have very little impact if we ignore the youth. Run Alex Athletics Club launched its juniors wing on 27 April 2021. Through this program children between the ages of 8 and 18 are trained by our juniors’ coaches and are entered into competitions across the province.


The long-term goal for our juniors’ program is to work with schools in Alexandra and implement programs that will revive schools’ athletics in the area. Run Alex has officially declared April 27th as its Juniors Day, on this day we put together the juniors’ event and ensure sufficient resources are raised for the success of this event.

Objectives of the Juniors Program

  • Give an Alex Child an opportunity to discover their talents

  • Opportunity to compete in any possible competition

  • Revive competitive running for schools

  • Re-affirm to an Alex child that they are special

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March 2021

Launch Planning

Special Guest: Donald Mathipa, Thembisa Athletics Club

"Indlela ibuzwa kwaba phambili" is a Zulu proverb that can be translated as, seek knowledge from those who have experience.

Understanding the mammoth task that lies ahead, with the launch of our junior program, our leadership team sought knowledge. Who better to learn from than Donald Mathipa of Tembisa Athletics Club. Not only does he carry so much knowledge about developing a juniors' program, his club did it in the community of Tembisa, a community that faces similar challenges to Alex.

He arrived well ahead of our planned 07H30 meeting and had time to assess our training facilities and observe one of our yoga sessions.

When it came down to the business of the day he gave us 3 points that we need to model our program around.

  1. Coach's Development - you can not develop kids if you don't develop the coach. Coach's role goes beyond training, they become parents psychologists and play many other roles.

  2. Parent Relationship - If the club builds relationships with parents then half the battle is won. This will eliminate many problems. If you can't get this right, it does not matter what structures you have in place, things will fall apart.

  3. Make the Junior program fun, let them not feel like they are training, and let them feel like they are playing so that they look forward to coming back tomorrow.

As Run Alex we extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Mathiba, his knowledge and selflessness will surely see us knocking on his door again.

27 April 2021

Launch Day

Special Guest: Zakhele Siwela, Professional Soccer Referee (SAFA/FIFA/CAF)

His Professionalism has seen him officiate at the highest level of the game. Even if SA does not qualify for the soccer world cup, we all know that SA will still be represented, to be more precise Alexandra will be represented, in a form of Zakhele Siwela.


But his journey did not start at the PSL, where his decisions are unquestionable. It started in the streets of Alex where he grew up as a young soccer player and learned all the disciplines that we are all currently proud of.


Run Alex is honored to have him participate in our Junior Launch. His involvement goes beyond encouraging the youth to participate in sports but goes a step further in demonstrating what levels one can reach with discipline.

27 March 2022

First Official Junior Dev Race

Bayers Greenstone - 5 & 8 km

The Juniors made their mark on Sunday the 27th and painted the Bayers Greenstone 5 - 8km Run, with their vibrant and colorful personalities. Seeing them in action was pleasing to the eye, and envious by outsiders and onlookers. A special thank you to our Development Coaches

27 April 2022

Junior Development Day

2nd Annual Run Alex AC Junior Development Day

To celebrate the first anniversary of this program, Run Alex Athletics Club hosted a Juniors Day on April 27 at KwaBhekilanga Sports Grounds. This event was used as sprint talent identification for children between the ages of eight and 14 years.

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21 MAY 2022

Junior Development First Cross Country League  -  Dobsonville Community Hall

Saturday 21 May 2022, sees our Run Alex AC Juniors participating in their first Cross Country event. This is another giant step forward taken by the club to ensure that Alex kids access the same opportunities as kids growing up anywhere else.

The community wished the juniors well and encouraged them to take this opportunity to learn, make friends and have fun.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Coaching Team

The coaching team is headed by Emeritus Coach Ronny Ndhlovu, his main responsibility is to put in place training programs and ensure our juniors are ready to participate in these programs.


He is ably assisted by the following coaches:

  • Mr. Mapiti Ramoshaba

  • Mr. Azwindini

  • Ms. Puleng Mphahlele

  • Ms. Mary Malatji

  • Ms. Onica Motsei

  • Ms. Nthabi

Administration Team

Our Admin Team, works as a supporting team to our coaching team, in order to elevate the administration burden from the coaches. Team members are:

  • Siphiwe Nkosi - Juniors Director

  • Nomthandazo Moloi - Juniors Administrator

Executive Committee

The Juniors team serves at the pleasure of the club's Executive Committee, which remains
responsible for all activities within the club. Our Exco is accessible through the Club's


Our Juniors train every Saturday and Sunday at Kwabhekilanga Sports Grounds from 07H00. Since the launch, we have seen great improvements from the Juniors.

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