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About the Run Alex NPO

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Run Alex Non-Profit Organization, situated in Alexandra Township, oversees dynamic initiatives such as Run Alex Athletics Club, Run Alex Juniors AC, and the recently launched Read Alex.

These endeavors operate under the auspices of Run Alex NPO, with a steadfast dedication to fostering sports, education, and health awareness within the Alexandra Township community. Our primary objective revolves around leveraging collaborative efforts to inspire, motivate, and effect positive transformation among our members, particularly the youth, and the wider community.


Our Story


Our paramount mission is to establish a comprehensive platform for the entire Alexandra Community to excel in athletics, self-development, and leadership endeavors. We endeavor to instill a culture underpinned by discipline, teamwork, and constructive dialogue, encouraging active participation in the revitalization of our community.


We envision a future wherein Run Alex NPO emerges as a pioneering force in community development, nurturing resilient leaders capable of representing all township communities at the most esteemed levels. Our vision encompasses witnessing young individuals harness the potency of camaraderie as a pivotal tool for community reconstruction and unity.

Meet The Team

Our programs

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