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About Read Alex

Nurturing Young Minds

Read Alex is a community educational program to assist our children with literacy and learning skills. We aim to equip children with reading resources, and an opportunity of participating in educational sessions which will support their academic growth and potential. The program's main objective is to build confident children, who have the motivation and skills to enable them to make positive and more progressive steps towards their personal goals and potential.

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  • CONFIDENCE: We want to build Confident Children, who are positively enabled to reach their full potential through learning.

  • COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP: we aim to use our local talent and skills to implement this project, create jobs and be leaders in our local community, Alex.

  • CHAMPIONING: We want to create a platform for positive social impact in our community, giving hope and being positive role models.





Our learning program is rich and diverse, we have designed our sessions to keep the children both engaged and open to teaching. Our primary goals are around literacy, comprehension and reading. While our secondary goals include developing new learning strategies, public speaking abilities and presentation skills. All of which are critical to enabling kids to feel more confident to express their ideas and potential.




Currently our team are all volunteers, which have been incubated through our sister club Run Alex. We primarily have a team made of up Educators and Creative Industry Professionals – which makes for a beautiful chemistry of skills in our program. Read Alex has become an inspired space where the relationship between learning and creating takes place.

Meet The Team


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